Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Zombiegeddon: 13th Bite!

Heading back up to the city, we find some more guards, only these lead us to Karm, the old retainer from our household. Somehow, Hermat Blackmoor (my father) has overthrown the Bandit King and taken control of the city, using zombies from Loudwater (where we were) to supply them. That's really odd...

We leave him with the "zombie attraction" pole and head out to the house my father uses for business. Coming up through the sewers, we get to the cellars and find, oddly enough, zombies! With a corruption specter and something else! The fight doesn't exactly go as we expect, and the zombies prove to be a little tougher that we expected. It takes a few goes and some of us moving unexpectedly, but finally we smack them into submission.

And find a really strange house. Some of the walls and most the doors are now some kind of thin skin! Eeww. It's like some kind of alarm system spread throughout the house. Moving carefully, we get to the top floor, but find more skin. Setting off alarms all over the place, we head into the top floor bubble to find what looks like my father with alchemical equipment (which Dox ends up destroying).

Although I confront it, it quickly becomes obvious that this isn't Hermat, and indeed we will find it to be Seaian, the a-hole. Jasin keeps him pinned down enough for us to move and attack and unleash all kinds of attacks at him and his zombie pals. Dox does the final take down, and Seaian is revealed to be... a Changeling! As he falls, he alerts his mother. Who knows what she has in store for us...?

[That's it for this current season of Zombiegeddon. Next week... Gamma World!]


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