Sunday, 19 December 2010

Barbigazl Strikes Back! Part Tres

Climbing up the walls of the canyon, we arrive on a large flat pathway that stretched away before and behind us. Denemus sneaked down one way to find out what was down there, finding a river with boats, a storecave thing, and a dormitory with goblins. He came back to tell us, which he did by running towards us yelling "Goblins are following me!" Classy.

While the goblins weren't a huge problem in and of themselves, what complicated matters was when a secret door opened up next to us and more goblins came out. Then, from across the bridge, came more goblins and hobgoblins. It was during this battle that Perelay collapsed, one blow to many.

Fortunately, the Confusion spell is fun, and we had a five second breather after taking care of all them, Excrutia carrying Perelay. Nipping down the secret passageway, we went to the barracks, then a forge, then a deadend with a rockfall. With some smart thinking, a forcewall projected the image of a rockfall a bit earlier in the passage and we hid behind the image while goblins looked down, then went away.

With a little more time on our hands, we went to help Perelay. Who was Cursed. And had Mummy Rot. And so couldn't be healed. From being nearly dead. Well, from being dead now. Yes, it was true, one of our party had fallen. At the hands of the goblins... [...snicker...]

Moving quietly, we circled back the way we came, investigated some more of the goblin warren, then backed away, back down the chasm, and found ourselves back in the Fungal forest. Finding a nice patch to hide away, we finally got the rest we needed. While on guard duty, Excrutia nearly raised an eyebrow as she saw a large fungus move down the river, one of the Myconid that tended this forest.

After the sleeping, we continued down some paths and eventually found ourselves back in the goblin warrens, but on the other side of the rockfall. We poked around and in one large room, found what was passing as the throne room, complete with king and guards. At long last, Fireball! Leaving just the king and bodyguard, although the latter didn't last long. With the king held at knifepoint, we bargained with a goblin seer, who commanded bugbears, and found out they were holding Nuther as prisoner, under suspicion of being a Dwarven spy (as we were suspected of being as well)!

Clearly we wanted swapsies, and did so out on the bridge, before we went back down and ran towards the forest, with the goblins hurling boulders at us while we did so. [We were supposed to go the other way, into the heart of Barbigazl, but due to time we didn't.] We squeezed through the boulders, nearly taken out by some, but got back to the forest, then back to Saltsburg, back to the lair of Grundrakn (grabbing the loot), and back to Azhfelton for hearty slaps on the back all round!

But what lurks in the heart of Barbigazl? Will we ever find out...? [Unless free time shows up... probably not...]

[Read the DM's take on this adventure.]


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Jet Simian said...

Oh I'm planning on there being a follow-up, don't worry! An obvious concern is in trying not to make it too much like 1 and 2, but think I have some ideas, and some surprises (NB: surprises doesn't mean 'bigger monsters')

The challenge, as usual, will be in making it portable, adaptable and containable. DM-ing as a guerilla operation!