Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Blue Gold

This is another of the "world is in crisis" movies. Blue Gold: World Water Wars is all about the world's water, how it's being used, how it's being over used and how it's going to run out.

That is to say: the usable water is running out. Pollution and purity and other factors make what water there is not palatable for human consumption, so we need to get it from other places. And where there's (now) a need for getting water from one place to another, there's a place for corporations to step in and make profit.

And even if it's not moving, corporations move in anyway, and charge people for their own water. Until there's nothing but profit and no water...

This is a rather disastrous state of affairs. Ultimately, whether we do anything or not, this will resolve itself. Although, at the current rate we are doing things, this will resolve with no water for anyone, and the planet reaching a new equilibrium, possibly with a new range of animals living on it...

Blue Gold goes through all this, and suggests some options. However, it also highlights the big problems, of politics and corporations. Until the heads of the corporations feel the bite, I remain cynical.

But definitely check out this movie. Another scare piece that needs to be seen.


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