Sunday, 26 December 2010

Funny Guys, Part Two

Yet more comedian routines. And yes, I do note that lack of female comedians on this one. The only name that comes to mind that does full shows is Ellen, and even then I'm not sure if she tours or just does specials. Any suggestions of female comedians to watch?

Bill Bailey (Dandelion Mind): More gently weird comedy from a maestro. There's an interesting moment in this performance when the audience suddenly takes a fancy to something, and, basically, overplays that one note for the rest of the show. Bill, the professional, doesn't let it get in the way of the show too much, but does let the crowd have its moments. Frankly, there are times when the comedian should know to just get out of the audience's way when it is enjoying itself, and this is one moment, and Bill knows. Nice show outside of that.

Dermot Morgan (Live): Er, okay this one didn't amuse me that much. Not that Dermot isn't funny, but that his schtick for this show comprised him parodying politicians and other figures. From 1997. From the British Isles. Not a lot of connection to that with me, so I found myself fast forwarding through a lot of it.

Dylan Moran (What It Is): Wry humour with lots of rambling monologue. Doesn't really engage with the audience that much, just stands there and does his thing. Amusing observational humour, although only scoring "mildly amusing".

Ricky Gervais (Science): Ricky clearly has a high opinion of himself, and loves the controversy he causes... although I'm not sure the controversy isn't bigger in his mind than in actuality. He's telling stories, trying to shock, but his style is very wearing. "In your face", and not in a good way.

Russell Brand (The World According To): This is a compilation of his previous shows, which seems to be something comedians are doing now to stretch out their sales, I presume. Anyways, Russell thinks he's funny, there are moments where he is funny, however... he's not that funny.

Tim Minchin (Ready for This): He's that poet comedian you might have heard of. Did Storm and that Pope Song. Great music with awkwardly funny (funny in its awkwardness) monologues. Terrific stuff, highly recommend.


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evildicemonkey said...

I tend to agree with most of your comments on the comedians, the only one I might have a problem with is Dermot Morgan, his comedy doesn't really update much as he died in 1998 (which I think you know) (He was father Ted for those who don't recognise the name).

As for female comedians? The only one I can think of is Lucy Porter

Or check out Chortle ( ) for UK comedians