Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Future of Food

The Future of Food isn't about food per se, as much as it is about genetic modification, and wheat/corn and Monsanto, which makes it reminiscent of Food Inc.

The focus is largely anti-GM (without a pro-"organic" spiel, just anti-GM), and about how food (ie corn) being so controlled is going to become an issue and owed by corporations, and the American public are going to get screwed over it. Yeah, like that isn't already happening. I'm sure there are already documentaries around about how America is a Plutocracy.

One point that got touched on was labelling GM food as such. This will enable choice, and also start tracing health problems linked to such modification... and immediately I saw that going terribly wrong. How many mothers will see "GM" on their products, and immediately say "that's what causing (insert any problem with child here". Why? Because "a mother knows". And if you'd heard that before, that's because that's the entire reasoning behind the anti-vax movement. No science, and certainly no evidence, needed! Bring on the hysteria and the lawsuits!

Genetically modifying crops and food and even animals is happening. The best we are going to get is decent regulation, although that's doubtful. But that's where our eyes should be set, not on reclaiming what has already been destroyed.


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