Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Gotter-GAMMA-rung - 1

The Gamma world is a strange place of crossed time lines, strange creatures, and stranger powers. Myself, I am Karter Hawk, a tree that looks like a man that looks like a hawk. I blame the tree that birthed me, having snacked on a hawk nest that lived there. Bad for the hawks. Not that good for the tree either, to be honest. But I was one result. Whip like arms, leaves for feathers, an ability to fly, and now out in the world.

My companions are a boxy robot gravity controller thing (RK-37), a big tree that causes earthquakes (Treebeard), a human looking man that arcs electricity and seems very aware (Maxwell Dillian), and a cat person creature (Kit [forgotten!]).

We were in the town of Cliffton when some robotical creatures swept in. Kit took too close a look, and got himself and the others attacked. I saw that there was a badger-man in the distance, so looked into that while they took the robots on. Treebeard somehow appeared beside us, and together we took him out (found out he was a slaver). The robots were on a mission to find out what's up with the Alpha mutations, so we decided to backtrack their course.

Coming to a rocky outcropping, we stopped to find the next place (I spotted smoke on the horizon), and found another robot thing. RK-37 conversed with it, and we found out it was from some Alpha University place, under command of a Dr Helen [Magnus!], to find the source of the Alpha stuff. Maxwell destroyed it, because he could, before we could get the really juicy details.

Onwards, into Gamma World and beyond!


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