Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Gotter-GAMMA-rung - 3

Up in the skyscraper in the city there was only one thing to do... go higher! Heading up to the highest skyscraper of them all, we saw... another building on top of it! From which a badder shot me! Right, that does it!

While the others head in through either the ground or first floor, I head up, and smack that badder about. Two hits was all it took, 'cos I was really ticked off, and then no more badder. Inside was an odd layout, but I heard others downstairs fighting, so headed down to join them. I launch in the room on the first floor and see two more badders and a big bear ant mandible thing, race over and hit it... and down it goes! Woo, I'm doing great! The other badders don't last long either.

Looking around properly now, we find a strange room looking out over an Ishtar tech device. Kit (who has rejoined us) sees a nice hole for his Ishtar grenade and throws it in. Something goes thunk, and the device starts making clunking downs and begins to slowly implode. Huh.

Searching the floors above, we find slaves chained up (original inhabitants of the city) before reaching the top floor and finding a group of Hoops (rabbit beings), Porkers (pig beings) and drone things. With an eye on their loot, we set about them.

And here's where we start running into trouble. Our initial attack looks good, but we are quickly knocked down by them and knocked out. While we are revived a few times, soon Gnomey is down until the fight's over. Then I am. Then Kit runs away. Then Treebeard is out... and the device engine thing starts sucking everything into it... yeah, that didn't go so well.

That was the first time I died.

[Yep, pretty much TPK. But we will return, as one character or another...]


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