Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Her Mother...So Funny

I asked about female comedians recently, and was suggested Lucy Porter, so looked her up on YouTube. Watching the first clip of her reminded of a difference between female and male comedians.

Female comedians will use their mothers as a source of material.

Not exclusively, they cover other topics, yet it does seem that they go there more often than men. And by "more often" I mean that men hardly ever do.

I did a YouTube search for comedians with mother-based material, found Lucy Porter, Chonda Pierce, Shayla Rivera, Mairym Carlo at the top of the list... and on the male side? Just Anthony Szpak.

Why? I'm not entirely sure. Maybe it's just my bias that I think so. Anyone else noticed this? At least it's a good excuse for me to link in a clip from QI...


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