Monday, 20 December 2010

Not Svlad Cjelli

Just screen on British television, an episode that's based on the works of Douglas Adams... yes, Dirk Gently has made it onto the screen. This is a potential pilot, but I haven't heard anything about a series coming about.

Anyways, if you've read the books, you'll recognise elements of this. It's been... edited down, mainly the first book, but there are touches of the second one. Dirk is looking into a missing cat, comes across MacDuff, and gets involved in the disappearance of Gordon Way... It was like a random collage of plot elements that are neatly packaged into sixty minutes. In and of itself, it worked and flowed and everything did indeed connect, but was it really Dirk Gently?

For one thing, where's the hat? Isn't Dirk supposed to be on the portly side? Stephen Mangan's got the random down, but goes a bit too madcap in the crazy side for Dirk. And Darren Boyd as MacDuff seemed a bit... older than what I was expecting. Doreen Mantle (Ruth, the lady with the missing cat) gets the best part in the entire show.

While this isn't the travesty that was the Hitchhiker's movie, this isn't the DNA book Dirk Gently.


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