Thursday, 30 December 2010

Treading on the Dawn

The latest in the Christian Allegory movies is a more simplified version of the book, as far as I can recall. That said, the movie hangs together in and of itself works decently enough, but there are huge chunks that are very lightly skimmed over, so the point may be missed. [I saw this in 2D, I doubt 3D adds those points back in.]

For example, I recall that Eustace has a big deal over becoming transformed in the first place, learns a big lesson and has a defining moment when transformed back... but that doesn't come across in the movie at all well.

Anyways, the three kids (who haven't grown up and discovered there's more to life than lion-based religions) are drawn into a painting and end up on a ship, which is going about a fetch quest and visiting lots of odd places. And by "lots of odd places", there are four of them. While the monopods are a big scene to wait for, don't hold your breath in the movie, as again the big backstory is skipped over so they can concentrate on the villain. As such. Who isn't that villainous, or even competent in any way that matters. (Once again, it works in the movie that we have, just not the movie we could have had.)

Good to see that they are keeping the cast constant (mostly) across the films, as it helps shorthand the character introductions (time is also shorthanded, skipping across day to night to day again in three minutes). And you too will believe that two CGI characters can communicate.

I expect The Silver Chair to be out at some point, less sure about A Horse and His Boy. The Last Battle is just going to be weird, unless they completely rewrite it... The point is, I am predicting another movie in the series to be out in a few years.


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