Friday, 10 December 2010

Who Killed The Electric Car?

Answer: Pretty much everyone!

This movie came out a few years ago (2006 to be precise), although I can't say that the situation has dramatically improved in the mean time.

In the last decade of the 20th Century, electric cars were around. However, they didn't potentially make as much money as non-electric cars, so they were killed off... and that's the movie! They go into more detail, about who and why, but the basics are that. I can't say I'm completely shocked. Frankly, the USA is showing many signs that it is a world superpower in collapse, and the only reason it hasn't so far is because it is so big... but when it does collapse, the rest of the world is just going to look on in pity...

However, before that happens, we'll see a lot more posturing that it's a world leader, and, hey, look at these gas powered electric cars! Yeah, 'cos the hybrid is so amazingly popular, just look at how successful it is and how everyone is buying them and how every family has one... oh wait, I'm thinking of the SUV.

Yeah, while there is money to be made, the electric car ain't coming. When it does come, that's a good sign America is crashing...


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