Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Gotter-GAMMA-rung - 4

I am Cool Grrr, an alien being from another planet. When my ancestor-being arrived, it took on the form of the first thing it came across, that of a large cat, and I preserve that appearance. I ride around, giving protection to the convoys that travel from town to town.

In town, I join up with Dr Bruce Frost, who is looking for Science!, Lrr a blob from another planet, and Maxwell Dillion, the closest to human in the group. We set out to get back to find out what happened to the city in the jungle that got imploded. In the desert, we are attacked by two birds... and a land shark! With a really vicious bite! That chomped me! To death!!!

And that was the second time I died...

I am Kelly, a plant from another planet, man. I met them in a jungle, man, with, like, plants, man. A weird moth thing and some strange lizard things attacked us, man. Way to harsh the buzz, dude.

I throw around the wood, man, laying down a smack. That Lrr creature smells weird, but he's in there, laying down a smack as well. Although there are some other dudes there, it's really us that deal with those bummers.

Woah, what a rush, man! Party on!


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