Friday, 25 February 2011

Christchurch Quake in Graphical Form

Most of you have probably heard of the Christchurch earthquake. No, not the Sept 4 one, the Feb 22 one. I felt it up here in Wellington, the building shook for a long time, but that's nothing compared to down south.

As well as checking out GeoNet, there's another site that has compiled the statistics into easier presentation form, Crowe's Canterbury Quake Live. It's got daily magnitude graphs, weekly, and since Sept 4, and Tuesday's quake is very evident.

And there could easily be another major aftershock still to come.

You want to do something, but not even in New Zealand? Why not buy some RPGs then? RPGNow has a Christchurch relief RPG bundle, with a few big RPG books in there, and many NZ based, as well as add ons for other games. Take a look, or better still, buy it. It's only US$20.


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