Monday, 7 February 2011

It's like a video game you don't need to play

I would like to play video games some time, but since they take large chunks of time, I'm too busy lazing around doing stuff to have large chunks of time in which to play said games. And I have a few, thanks to Good Old Games that I've brought, even downloaded, but haven't installed...

Fortunately, I have found a way to find out what a video game is all about without all that tedious actual playing and being involved and, you know, interacting. Thanks to the Let's Play Archive. Which is, if you can't guess, an archive. Of people playing games.

Sometimes it is a video of someone playing. Possibly with voice over. Possibly with just text commentary on screen. Sometimes it's just images with added commentary. Some videos you can download (which is a useful option, considering you'll be effectively downloading it anyway through a video site). Fortunately, there're keys alongside each game so you can get a good idea.

A rather odd collection of games. Currently I'm watching Ghostbusters (am now thinking of buying it). Tried to read House MD, but that's not a good game. They've got a few different Prince of Persias. Silent Hill. Monkey Island 2. Halo. Commander Keen. And more!

While no Spoiler Warning, I'm sure you all need something else to take up your time...


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