Sunday, 27 February 2011


Do you remember Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy? For a show that was only 16 episodes (31 shorts), it made a very large impact, and there have been a lot of references to it in later tv shows and movies.

And there's one aspect of it I quite like. Check out the trailer:

Pretty much everything you need to know about the show is right there in the trailer. It's a cartoon that is 'cops vs robbers' where the main lead is a super hero kung fu master. It has the Sarge, Rosemary and Penry, who becomes HKPh, and Spot (unnamed in the opening) the cat. Penry transforms into HKPh, but is rather incompetent at it, and only succeeds thanks to Spot. Especially when it comes to capturing criminals, they completely outclass him, but due to fortunate bungling and Spot, they are indeed captured. And there's the Phooeymobile, which can transform into other things (however, unlike in the opening, it doesn't screw up).

And that's by and large every episode in a nut shell. There are some additional amusing points as well. Everyone knows HKPh and is honoured to have their lives ruined by him. HKPh can pause any situation to consult his guide to kung fu. And, very responsibly, it shows HKPh and Spot buckling into the Phooeycar whenever they drive around in it.

Such a simple show, and so much joy.



krissthesexyatheist said...

Agh, memories. I think it says 1976 on the trailer. I was eight. Awesomeness.


Jamas Enright said...

Definitely didn't see it then. So it definitely got repeated them. Not sure when it was screened over here in NZ.