Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Question of Immersion

Following on from yesterday's post, I was asked a direct question "Did I actually enjoy it?" Fair point, I don't explicitly say... so I'll copy in what I replied:

"In a way, yes. Parts of it, thematically, went over my head. Certainly admire it on a performance/production level. One problem is that while we have the experience of going to Somes, the actual play was basically "a play in a building" which while set on Somes, didn't really connect with it (had to keep reminding myself of the distance).
Some great moments in the play, some not so. Overall... good memories."

There is a point here, and that (as you might be able to guess from the title) is being able to become immersed in the play. I have a problem with doing that. Some of it is whether or not the play engages my complete interest, but also I'm a squirmer. I move around a lot in my seat, and most plays I've been to have very uncomfortable seats, which really distracts me.

And, in this case, I was hot and sweaty from walking up the hill, had my jacket in my lap, making sure it didn't fall, and was trying to be careful not to step on the props or the actress that was right next to me. Which meant I had other things on my mind than connecting with what I'm seeing.

If I'm home, I'm comfortable. At Reading Cinemas, moderately comfortable, but they have big nice chairs, and I can squirm a lot without it really being a problem. At other movie theatres, your milage may vary. At other play-style theatres, usually not so much. Being in a small building, on a basic chair, not a large chance of it.

As I said, I still predominantly enjoyed the play. But there were definite times when I was observing myself observing the play, and not that final step immersed...


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