Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Tombe of Horrors! Death I

[You know that classic Tomb of Horrors? I'm running the players through the 4e version of it. They win if they can survive with at least one person not dying (I'm treating death as "out for a while", and keep count of the number of times a character dies), I win if I can kill them all at least once.]

They start off at the beginning of the mosaic hall... and decide to follow the mosaic path. This is good and bad. They are bad at finding traps in that they can't make a Perception roll worth a damn. They are good at finding traps in that they keep falling into them. Hurrah! More fun for me! They find somethings, but not others, and slowly, slowly, slowly make their way down the hall.

Remember the Devourer? The classic "sphere of annihilation"? Fortunately, these players haven't heard of it, so I knew it was bad when one said "I roll my (very precious magic item) orb into the mouth", and then climbed in after it. And another character climbed in after him. It's not instant death, but it's death enough. Two down already!

Then they play with the misty archway. These are fun too. They experiment a little and get it working, and teleport themselves into a room with a statue. However, their rolling is so awesome, they get no clues whatsoever as to the nature of the puzzle, so leave without doing anything.

In the Hall of Coloured Spheres, they actually follow the clues they got and head for the correct sphere (correct in a limited sense, that is. They might need to back-track a little) and find themselves in a chapel of "goodness" (yeah, right). Then one character sets off the trap... twice! While something strange is found, another character enters another archway, and comes out a changed person. Then we get the first combat of the game... an inter-party fight! Woo!

Next week we'll see if they can find the next exciting trap to fall into...


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