Tuesday, 15 March 2011

American Her

There is an "album" of Madonna tracks out there, American Me, which is 19 tracks of remixes of Madonna. With a lot of different artists, yes, but no actual new songs, just remixes, all done by DJ Hi-Def.

Which is nice if you like remixes. I like some of them, not so much some of the others. So, yes, as you can guess, I have a copy. Indeed, this "album" appears to be freely available, easily findable via google, or just look in the description of the video below.

And just as well this is being put about for free, as there is no sign that Madonna herself approves of this. Hard to say where remixes come in the copyright continuity, legitimate use of part of a song? (Certainly the whole song isn't use wholesale... and I'm not sure exactly how copyright treats such songs that can easily be listened to via, say, youtube.) Or is any use without approval a bad thing? (Weird Al goes out of his way to get approval for his take-off songs, although he doesn't have to.)

Anyway, remix "album" of Madonna songs. There for the getting if you want it.


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