Monday, 21 March 2011

Do you feel that?

After writing the below, there's been a 5.1. Sigh. No, still not a major earthquake (and I certainly felt nothing), but people will say "ooh, he was right...".
That earthquake? You know, the big one? As predicted by Ken Ring?

No? Really? But it was a whole... 3.1? In fact, looking at Crowe, it was very quiet yesterday. Okay, fine, there were some quakes... but nothing that hasn't already been happening (ie some 4 pointers, nothing of a 5, let along a 6 or 7).

Various people gathered for the big 20th March quake. Oh, the distaster!

Although, even before the time, Ken Ring was backpeddling quickly. No deal, mate. You claim to predict stuff, we will be checking up on you.

Basically, his predictions are "there might be something happening, give or take a couple of weeks". Really? Fine, here's my prediction, within a minute of you reading this sentence, there might be an earthquake. Give or take some amount of time...


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