Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Documentaries I might see

It's Documentary Film Festival time again. However, this year I don't have the time to take off from work, so I'm going to see far fewer documentaries this time around (although I might be able to make other arrangements).

But here are the films I'm interested in, on a first pass through the film schedule.
Donated to Science - what happens to bodies when they are Donated to Science?
Erasing David - One man and his family tries to drop "off the grid".
The People vs George Lucas - Star Wars, need to see.
El Bulli - Cooking in Progress - seem to be interested in food shows recently, so this fits.
American Radical -The Trials of Norman Finkelstein - Documentaries about the reaction to the Holocaust are interesting.
David Wants to Fly - The Transcendental Meditation movie they don't want you to see? Sign me up!
An African Election - Outside and inside the 2008 Ghana elections.
I. M. Pei — Building China Modern - An interesting take on Chinese architecture.
MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS - Three teams working for a competition.
Make Believe - Teen magicians working for a competition.
Machete Maidens Unleashed! - movie about movies, and exploitation!
Life 2.0 - documentary about Second Life.
Into Eternity - seems to be a rather surreal movie about storage nuclear waste.
talhotblond - looks to be a real life horror movie, cool!
Stand Up - documentary about the early life of New Zealand stand up comedy.
Landscapes at the World's End - a short of vistas of polar regions.

This isn't to say I don't want to see any of the others, but I need some kind of limit. However, because it's Readings, they don't make getting going to multiple movies easy. (They have a "buy tickets to 5+ movies, get them cheaper" deal, but you need to know which movies you are going to (which caused me problems last year when I fell sick during the festival), as opposed to a nice simple ten-trip ticket...)


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