Thursday, 31 March 2011

Eurotrip or Bust

Very soon some friends of my from around the world are congregating in England, and some of them are going on to tour some of Europe. I would be there, but complications prevent me. :(

So, in lieu of, I watched other people touring Europe. First of all... yes, this movie is funny. Okay, yes, there are stereotypes of various foreigners, but the best stereotypes presented are of the Americans going around the countries and seeing things through American eyes. And part of me can easily believe that there are Americans that view this as a documentary...

The basic concept is Scotty breaks up with old girlfriend, has a chance to hook up with a new girlfriend over in Germany, so heads on out. Only it's not that simple, and he and his friends end up travelling over various places in Europe and having... not adventures, more like... stupid encounters.

Definitely not a movie that takes anything seriously, featuring names that, at the time, weren't really well known (aside from Michelle Trachtenberg) and various cameos by big names. And although this was 2004, it does hold up well.

Surprisingly, I recommend this movie for a funny time.


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