Sunday, 13 March 2011


No, I didn't see the original, just the remake. Don't go in expecting to see great originality...

But then, would you? This is about an assassin, who goes about assassinating people, and if you've seen the trailer, then you expect to see lots of assassinationing. And there is. There's an important assassination (and the truth of which you can immediately guess without any hesitation, because it's such a tritely overdone plot point that the only way it could be made interesting is if it is what is seems!). Anyway, the Mechanic gets the son involved in his business, and, again, without any hesitation, you can see where that's going to go. In fact, the whole plot is completely transparent, frankly no-one's going in expecting to care about the story line.

There's a lot of action. Jason Stratham beats up a lot of people... yay! That's what we want to see! (In any movie starring him not directed by Guy Richie.) Ben Foster also gets some action sequences, but comes off as a pratt most of the time. And the rest of the cast is there to be actioned at, and you miss Donald Sutherland who basically pulls another Italian Job.

Lots of action, no plot to speak of, go in with that expectation and you'll do well.


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