Saturday, 19 March 2011


They say that, on the internet, every young girl is an old man. Talhotblond is about an internet relationship, where one older man is pretending to be a younger man. And he hooks up with a "talhotblond", who sends provocative pictures of herself... and then there's a love triangle that gets ugly... but then it is revealed...

While watching it, I did ask a rather poignant question, which did turn out to be an entirely valid point, but I won't give that away.

This movie is about the relationship, and about who was to blame for what happened. What are the laws when it comes to provoking someone into doing something violent? (That it happens on the internet shouldn't actually matter when it comes to one person manipulating another, it just changes the question of jurisdiction.) There's a big deal made out from the fact that it is the internet, but that really only means that there's more of a record of the conversations that happened. This could easily have been a letter writing relationship, as the internet is used to block a lot of information that would otherwise be obvious in a face-to-face discussion. But since it's about digital media, it's a bigger deal.

There's a lot of honesty here from the people involved, at least those that appear on camera. However, they've also got a pet psychologist that is not offering much beyond armchair psychology, and that's rather annoying.

They say this could become a horror movie. Maybe it's just the LPs I've been watching, but this could totally be the next Silent Hill game...


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Prodtechman said...

Not the first time internet relationships have ended in death