Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Watch the Death 1

Due to game scheduling changing, Tuesdays now alternate D&D and Deathwatch. I am Donatus, a Techmarine from the Blood Angels chapter.

Me and my battle-brothers are called into service to investigate the planet of Arum (or however its spelt), and travel aboard a Rogue Trader ship with Captain Diaz Lam. We are going there... basically to show off how impressive we are, but also to investigate a possible alien presence, strange murders, and potential Decavane Crystals.

However, before all that, we need to get there. On the ship there are some odd people, but my attention is drawn to the servitors, which are acting oddly. We get one story of a servitor being reported, and the seer it was reported to attacked the person who reported it, although they think the person killed the seer as opposed to dying in self-defense. Certainly something to be examined.

Before that, we have dinner, and settle in for the night... and get attacked by servitors. I lash out, completely fail and die get knocked unconscious.

Attention needs to be payed to certain events...


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