Sunday, 10 April 2011


Yep, that time of the year here in Wellington again.

Oh ye gods, the sheer numbers of people! They had to stop entrance at one point. Press was so hard, couldn't get in before the talks, but that eased afterward. Bill is going to look for a bigger venue, but where in Wellington?

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First up, the main reason I went, for Colin and John.

(Seen here wondering what's going on.)

Despite certain fears, a pretty decent talk. Actually relevant questions! More for Colin than John of course, although when John did speak you certainly got the sense that here was someone with something interesting to say, and I think a more concentrated talk (with less people) would be a good thing. A few questions I thought they lobbed softball answers too, although the audience was happy enough.

Next up, one miss Katee Sackoff.

(Insert your own jokes about her talent being on display.)

Talked, strangely enough, about Battlestar Galactica. Some time in the years to come, I'll get around to watching seasons three and four. A little bit about other shows, but BSG was the focus. Had good answers to questions (although they were common questions from what she said), and came across as a very nice person.

Later that evening, joined up with out-of-towners for a chat, including the Auckland Science Fiction Meet Up group. Too loud music evicted us from JJ's, so we found a new home in Express-a-holic, and I barely got home before the new day started.

And that was my one and only day at Armageddon. Didn't buy anything (other than some stuff I had arranged for before hand), so got away rather cheaply considering...

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