Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Gotter-GAMMA-rung - 5

[I missed the first session of the new game, so we start here in session 2.]

My name is Breytack, and I was caught stealing Omega Tech. Although it wasn't my fault. I never intended to get caught. However, I was, but then I escaped (very useful teleportation powers I have). That didn't stop me from getting ambushed...

When I came to, I was in a cell, in a room with badders and some kind of machine that took my life force. I'm not sure how long I was there before a ruckus erupted as Adventurers entered the room and starting fighting with the badders. Deciding that now was the moment, I teleported out and helped set about kicking the badders' arses. Fell down just the once, but that was par for the course for us. Eventually, after much battle, we defeated them all, and took control of the machine.

The Adventurers said that they had come to this place to find the origin of the robots that were coming into town and exploding. Since I wasn't too keen on going back to town any time soon, I threw my lot in with them. (I've got great intelligence... just not wise at all...)

Tracking into caves, we found a large area covered with moss and infested with birds. Which, not surprisingly, attacked us. And hurting us. A lot. Again, we went down, and it was a tough fight to the end. Indeed, we were all down, when Zabrock finally shot the last moth into unconsciousness, falling unconscious himself.

At least, I presume we'll survive, what with all of us either out cold or dying...


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