Thursday, 28 April 2011

How to Convert your Dragon

A while ago, either earlier this year or last year, can't remember, I saw How To Train Your Dragon. Recently, I listened to the audio book of How, as read by David Tennant...

Um... now I've read original books that movies are based on (the Die Hard series is usually 'loosely' based), but this one was very different indeed...

What's in common is the name 'Berk' (the place) and Hiccup... and there are dragons... however... in the book, the vikings use dragons as pets (more or less). Er, that's pretty much completely in opposition to the movie. And the dragons speak (Dragonese). And Hiccup has a common, not rare, dragon...

Now, people will say that there's a Hollywood process, however... to completely change nearly everything about the story, how do you get 'dragons are menace' from 'dragons are pets'? Can it really be considered the same story for naming rights?

(I did consider going off on a spiel of naming a book, then suggesting a movie with everything reversed but... frankly... you can do that yourself.)

Now, the book is a good book (and I've listened to the next two), and the movie is a good movie, but as an adaptation the movie... isn't.

Just goes to show that if you like the book/movie, you might not like the movie/book.


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