Saturday, 2 April 2011


Simon Pegg? Nick Frost? Of course I'm watching!

Simon and Nick attend ComicCon before launching into their UFO tour of America, and that's when they encounter Paul. An alien. It's them wacky hi-jinks! And predictable moments too. By the end the ending rolls around, if you can't spot the big character movies, you have never ever seen a movie. But, what the hell. This is by and large a comedy, so they focused their writing on other areas.

And Paul himself is very well realised. I was going to give a lot of credit to Seth Rogan, but according to the trivia Joe Lo Truglio did most of the work and Seth just swanned in afterward! Yes, good voice for the alien, and good timing from Seth, but only because Joe worked with everyone else to give him a place to work in...

Aside from the main characters, there are the "hilarious" comedy duo in the B plot... yeah, that didn't work too well. There are also numerous references to other movies, particularly in the latter part of the movie. These drew a wry smile, not really a big laugh though. Also, a couple of big names crop up...

So, while some parts are not-as-brilliant, the rest of the movie is an amusing watch.


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