Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Gotter-GAMMA-rung - 7

After taking out the robots, we... should have rested, but we pressed on, and found a pit of lasers. And hoops and robots on the other side shooting at us. We did manage to take out the robots without needing to worry about the lasers, but I manned up and crossed the room... without any problems on the sloped surface, and without being hit by the lasers. But not without then getting hit by the hoops.

Me and the others managed to put them down before I helped to disable the lasers. And by 'help', I mean, 'make matters worse'. Fortunately, Jester was already blinded by the lasers so didn't see them trying to hit him more. Anyway, we disabled them and so we move on.

To the big room where the Iron King was, with some other hoops and more robots. To the attack! Gank the Iron King! ... well, we failed that, and got grenaded for our troubles. Then 1 of 0 hit me, and that's the last I remember. (Although I was later told that the others were also put down... except for 1 of 0 that got dunked in the goop and never seen again.)

When we awoke, we found ourselves facing a large spider, who said the Iron King had turned us over to him. So now we are working for the Iron King. And have these funky 'will explode if we do the wrong thing' collars around our necks to prove it. ... Yay! ... Apparently he wants us to go get some town to start providing him with foodstuffs. Joy...


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