Saturday, 14 May 2011

I'm Tho Thore

The Marvel Juggernaut rolls on with the next installment in its universe. A lot of people (okay, MovieBob) has gone on about how this movie brings "magic to the Marvel universe" which has otherwise been science-based. (Albeit science where one guy can make a flying suit of armour...) Can't say that I saw a lot of magic in this movie (as opposed to people with weapons kicking one another's asses), and it all gets hand-waved away with Clark's Law. Similarly, don't worry Christians, this isn't about actual gods, which might threaten your tenuous ideas about there being only the one sky daddy, and instead goes with 'powerful race of aliens' to cover that one.

Anyway, in the movie, Chris Hemworth takes off his shirt, poses around, and looks damn fine doing so. Damn, that man is sexy! There's something also about him being sent to earth, and Natalie Portman giving him morals, while Tom Hiddleston steals most of the steals with his excellent moments of being Loki, but the plot isn't trying to hard. (People have wondered about why this movie is so popular with kids. Perhaps because it's a superhero movie with action and not emo?) The movie's function is to help set up Avengers, and based on the post-credit's scene, I now have an idea... (technically the link could be spoilers, although I have no idea if it is correct or not, so click on it at your own risk.)

While Chris is there for his good looks, and Natalie is there to simper at him, Anthony Hopkins is there to be Anthony Hopkins, bitch! Stellan Skarsgard tries actually acting, which makes him out of place in this movie. Idris Elba is fine as Heimdall (people get upset over the smallest things). And Jaimie Alexander gets the credit as the sexiest woman in the movie.

Aside from some sweeping vistas, there isn't much point in 3D for this movie (not that I saw it in 3D). If you're watching the Marvel movies, of course you're going to watch this. If you aren't... take it or leave it.


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