Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Crusading Castles

[As a one off or so, we played a session of Castles and Crusades, a D&D style that is supposed to be rules light. Wouldn't say that they are that lite...]

Me, Calliforth Bushfoot, and some other guys went to the town of Malforten because we had heard that there was a gnoll that was causing problems. (The other guys are a gnome wizard, a gnome ranger and a dwarf paladin. And I am a halfling druid. We are the short stuff adventurers are made of.) We arrived and found out that the gnoll sends in a group of goblins to get tribute from the town around once a month. We found out that the gang would be coming in in a week. Aha! An ambush!

At least that was the idea. Very rough one, relying on the wizard to send those goblins to sleep. Brilliant! However, they were faster than us. But eventually the wizard did his thing. Small problem, they only went to sleep for a little while [1 turn per level, and we are level one!] Oops.

Fortunately, some of them ran away. And we did manage to kill the others, although they nearly put half of our own team out of action. Still, we rallied back, and now we will be after them to find out where they are going, where the gnoll is, and then probably charge in and die.


[To be continued... some time...]


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