Sunday, 19 June 2011

Emerald Ki-nig-its

So, the other Green Lantern movie at the movie is another animated movie. This is in a Green Lantern continuity, not the GL continuity, and as such bears no real connection with First Flight. Which is a damn shame. Why can't Warners start building up movie links like Marvel are doing? And animated is a lot easier than live action! Instead, every movie is separate. And, moreover, usually based on an existing comic as opposed to being something new. Really? No-one there is capable of doing, say, a linked trilogy? *sigh*

Anyway, back to this. Krona is returning to this universe (don't ask, they barely bother to explain), so while waiting for the big fight, the GLs relate past stories about other GLs. Some stories are a little predictable, in that you can spot the ending from the minute they start, others take a little time to unfold before you go 'oh, that'll be the ending'. Yeah, so I wasn't that impressed with the stories. It's nice to have more GL stories (most of which were based on already published stories), but if you've read Tales of the Green Lantern Corps issues, you know there are far more entertaining stories to hear.

I would like to pick up my GL enthusiasm again, but things like this don't make it easy...


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