Friday, 1 July 2011


My computers are slowly crashing one way or another. One problem I've had for a while is Firefox, which seems to freeze... then hang... then come right again. Really annoying. It happened on my laptop, and now it's happening on my desktop.

(I semi solved it on my laptop by making only run on one cpu instead of both. Now it hangs less frequently...)

This morning, without asking me, the desktop version upgraded itself to Firefox v5.0. Yeah, thanks for that. I was holding off to let it become a bit more stable with other people real world testing, but, no, I get that I have no say in how I use my computer, because, well, it is Windows I'm running after all (don't get me started on the complete failture of IE to ever upgrade itself on this machine).

Anyway, I've now been running it for about five minutes... during which is has hung several times already.

Yeah, big improvement there. Once again... thanks.



Paul Scoones said...

I've been having similar problems with Firefox of late so I've started using Chrome. I still use some Firefox plug-ins so I haven't entirely migrated yet.

Jamas Enright said...

Google Chrome does seem to be the cited alternative. With Google+, I won't be surprised if Chrome is modified to concentrate on that (assuming + isn't another flash in the pan idea).