Saturday, 23 July 2011

Melbourne at Play

Sunday wasn't as nice. Overcast, slightly rainy, cold. Not a day to be wandering around.

Hit the market when it was open proper. Have to say, seen a little, seen a lot of it. Yeah, I've been to markets like that before. (In fact, I was reminded of the Night Market up in Cairns.)

After that, I headed over to the Melbourne Aquarium.

Saw penguins, fish, sharks... reminded me of Kelly Tarlton's. (There's a surprise!)

Passing over the Yarra River, is it supposed to be that colour?

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image wasn't as impressive as I hoped. Didn't understand a lot of the art. Otherwise, I wandered around, hit the Minotaur store (see me and Minny!), saw the Scientology building, and a Rhino on a skateboard... yeah, interesting approach over there. In Canberra, I saw a sign that read "Drink Drive. DIE in a ditch." Well, yeah, straight and to the point.

Not a bad last day, but still a lot to see. Well, just have to go back some time... (although there are also plenty of other cities to see as well...)

(Check out my trip photo album.)


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