Thursday, 21 July 2011

Melbourne at Work

So, the reason I was in Australia was, primarily, for a conference. (Surprisingly, I don't have any pictures of that.)

The first day I was there I did some pre-conference discussion, but then in the afternoon... a good way to see Melbourne cheaply (ie for free), and get some idea of what's around, check out the Melbourne Tourist Shuttle, and then the City Free Tram. Takes a few hours, but that's a good thing.

Of course, the day I was (first) there, I arrived at exactly the wrong time for the Victoria Market.

Doesn't look that impressive.

Work was at the Melbourne of University, which is where I saw this guy:

...right outside the department of Zoology. Well, I found ironically amusing.

And while the room view wasn't that exciting, I did manage to see this more than once:

But with the few days of work over, it was time to go social in Melbourne! (And get very sore feet.)

(Although I'll be discussing some pictures, check out my trip photo album.)


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