Monday, 25 July 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day Three

Oh, the fun Jane Espenson must be having! They could have taken a cab, ridden a lift, eaten jelly, and other fun stuff to overly demonstrate the difference between US and UK languages! The hilarity!

Okay, the plot seems to be kicking in... and it's a conspiracy theory of PharmCo? Seriously? So Pfister... I mean, PhiCorp has somehow created this Miracle Day, and their big deal is to do so to create profit from selling people drugs?? The hell??? I really hope some other plan comes to light, 'cos that is just stupid. (Simply arranging some other way for the 'anyone can buy drugs' law, and reserving immortality for rich people would have made more sensible business practice.) [And, ooh, the face of EvilCo? A redhead, of course!]

And, oh, gay sex! Lot's of gay sex! Which will be edited it seems. And I hope they edit the hetro sex as well. Although aside from some nudity, with nothing more naughty than an arse being seen, it really is a big deal in the mind more than on screen.

And the Oswald Danes plots sinks into uselessness. He gives into EvilCo for money/safety? And... so... what then? He just gets used? Again, I really hope that plotline kicks into something interesting.

This episode makes the series extremely mundane, and I am disappointed.

Next week: The Torchwood team falls apart? Like they are doing EVERY EPISODE???


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