Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day Two

Psst, here's a quick tip for you: the Sheldrake Theory / Morphic Field idea? It's rubbish. Except in the world of Doctor Who of course. (...admittedly, we are in a world where no-one is dying, so possibly other things might be going on as well...)

Dear gods, RTD, get on with it! (Yes, I know Doris Elgin wrote it, but I'm holding RTD responsible.) Seriously, what the hell happened in this episode? Drummond got away, but... the whole plane ride was completely irrelevant. Jack gets poisoned then is saved, so... what plot got advanced there?

And the medical people... RTD is really trying to do something about the increasing population, bringing it up, address what impact the non-dying population will imply... but the problem is, realistically, that is going to take time to really come to fruition. And yet, RTD is building it up as an Important Thing. Unless we suddenly jump a few months in the next episode or two, it is just getting in the way.

So yes, I'm saying this episode has padding. A lot of padding. Plane ride, irrelevant. Medical stuff, leading nowhere. Oswald Danes, still not become anything of note. Just what is his plot line supposed to be about anyway? The trailer had him as a new cult figure, and yet we are just getting snippets here. I'm not even seeing him as the Big Bad of whatever is causing this. (And it's not helping that Bill Pullman just isn't bothering to act in any of the scenes he's in.) He's supposed to be 'the face of the miracle', and yet... nada.

Get the hell on with it, people. Do you have something to say in this series, or not?

Next Time: John Barrowman vs Bill Pullman. Only one smugness will survive!


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