Monday, 15 August 2011

DW: Touched by an Angel

Yeah, more DW books, looking like being set in the first half of series 6 (from the look of Amy on the cover), although no mention of Amy seeing strange faces. Indeed, one incident later on would place this before Space and Time. Anyway, this is Touched By An Angel by Jonathan Morris.

An aphorism states that "an unexamined life is not worth living". Here's another "an examined life is not worth reading about". Jonathan does give us a tale of time travelling, as is his want, provided by the Angels this time, but... Mark is sent back in time to interact with his past self to set up the moment where he can stop his wife dying (you get this within the first few chapters, so I'm not spoiling). This means that we spend a long time with young and old Marks, learning how they pass the years and get to know the wife-to-be, and... I'm wondering if this is at least a little autobiographical, which might explain why Jonathan wanted to tell this story (although it doesn't explain why people would want to read it).

Jonathan tries to keep it light, and certainly the TARDIS crew are there for the comedy side of his writing, but most of this could be any general BBC couples drama piece, and about as enjoyable. Mark's life just isn't thrilling me to make me want to know more (as part of a Doctor Who book. Maybe in some other context?).

This book is below Morris' usual standards.


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