Friday, 19 August 2011

Rocking at Panic Island

Remember the movie Outbreak? The fun and exciting of Dustin Hoffman running around, trying to find out how to cure a lethal virus... well, this is the Australian/New Zealand version.

In this version, a lethal disease from Afghanistan ends up in a tunnel connecting Sydney to Goat Island and two New Zealanders (boo!) end up infecting the people at Goat Island... where a rock concert is happening, so cue the kids dying! And there's a plot line about some guy trying to get the government to do something, 'cos his kids are on the island, so you know he's going to have to run around to save them! The movie wraps up pretty quickly when it gets near the 90 minute mark, when resolution comes at the hand of... the page count, I'm guessing.

I would point out all the big name New Zealand actors in this (eg Grant Bowler), but since I've never seen any of the other shows they've been in (despite being very popular ones), I can't.

Currently scoring just under 50% on IMDB, this movie isn't that bad. I've seen worse virus movies, and this one does keep the pace going until it hits the brick wall at the end. Check it out for some local flavour.


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