Saturday, 13 August 2011

Screamingly Four

Another franchise, another milking. This one supposedly all hip and self-aware. So self-aware, it starts meta, and continues that idea to various degrees throughout the entire movie.

Ugh. Sydney, Gale and Dewey are back, Ghostface is back, people get killed... then more people get killed. Sometimes they need to be excessively overstabbed to die, sometimes just one stab is enough to off them in seconds (and really, through the forehead? Really? That's a solid lump of bone right there, and there's no way you're punching a knife through that easily... then again, it is a CGI knife, so 'woo, magical!'). Eventually the killer is revealed, of course, and it's no-one you suspect. Or suspect the most. Or the middlest...

Or I just don't care. Even the scares didn't scare me. It was just all too... obvious and familiar. Given the meta nature of the opening, I wasn't sure when did stopped doing that and did actually start, it was all so identical (which is partly the point, but that doesn't make it any better). And when the killer was revealed... I was disappointed. Not surprised, not even disconcerted, just... meh.

Neve Campbell, Cortney Cox and David Arquette are back, and looking like several years have passed. We get the new generation of scream queen tryouts, and none of them are anything beyond generically pretty and capable of screaming. Got to wonder if anyone was really excited to be a part of this...

We've Screamed enough. Please, no 5... please?


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