Sunday, 28 August 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day Eight

How can one show very nearly manage to do something, and yet fail so badly at it? This had exposition and plot development, then killed any forward progression... did they only have one episode of plot and everything else is delay?

Well, of course there's someone else on the inside working for the Family. Makes perfect sense. Probably many someones. Frankly, I'm surprised they only showed the one person. As for the Family it(them?)self... it's big thing is there are no records of the names? The hell? So if someone had that name who wasn't with the Family, they had their names eradicated too? Sucks to be them, I guess. (Admittedly, there is no 'Ablemarch' or 'Costerdane' in Google Search, although there are some 'Frines's.)

I guess the Danes plot line is over? Or will he not be reported now Jenny is in the Family (and that other person got shot up a few times)? Although I would think there would be plenty of preachers preaching hellfire and damnation (they have before) that I don't see Danes becoming special because of it. However, I'm not guessing we'll have some schtick where Danes joins Torchwood to help them overcome... whatever the hell is going on (eight episodes and still no explanation - I'm thinking it's not going to be something they want to give people a chance to think about).

And, hey, Torchwood is split up again! Really? What a shock! That's never happened before! With Gwen popping back to ol' Blighty, and Jack having taken a dirt nap (in the car), Esther on the run and Rex about to be (metaphorically) stabbed by the Family working on the inside, the writers have plenty to keep padding out the story with.

And the ultimate 'f u' from this episode? It's, again, irrelevant! And, I realise, last week was irrelevant too! Gwen kidnaps Jack, only to turn the tables on the people controlling her... only for them all to suddenly say 'let's go along with them anyway!'. And now we find out that Angelo had nothing to do with Miracle Day, so another plotline goes bang (along with Knight and Visitor). At least we got John De Lancie to help distract people from the lack of actual development.

There should be a fan-edit of this series, however I don't think they'd get a whole episode length of time out of it...

Next time: Some badly contrived plot device will save the day! (Before the last cliffhanger kicks it.)


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