Sunday, 7 August 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day Five

I received some negative feedback about my last negative review... in which case, let me advise that, generally speaking, this is not the review series for you.

A lot of set up again. They want to find out what's happening to category one patients, and so they spend over half an hour infiltrating various overflow camps to find the secret of the Module. Are the writer's really trying to stretch things out to only one small plot point per episode? What about PhiCorp, what's going on there?

Anyway, the big reveal... the overflow camps are... yes, I'm going to say it... implementing the Final Solution. Although we have yet to find out how much you need to incinerate someone to destroy them. And I would have thought that, presuming PhiCrop is behind the construction of the module, that they'd come up with a better way to eradicate people than with fire... especially with all the alien tech that's lying around... But that's dancing around the point that we are in full on Nazi territory here. Does Godwin's Law now state that the series will end?

So, goodbye Doctor Alverez. Can't say I'm that shocked about it (she was just a guest star after all). But that's what happens when you start accusing people who are more than a little unstable... but what about Phil? Bit of a wet noodle there, doesn't reflect well on the military. Did anyone complain about that? Be interesting to see if what's-his-name-in-charge gets comeuppance for doing that...

Since I've been talking about the last ten minutes, I also need to talk about Danes. This is the first credible performance I've seen from Pullman this series! This kicks that plot line up a bit, however he's still playing puppy to PhiCorp. However... Angels? Not sure about that, but, hey, Danes is whack.

This series could be at a turning point, but it better turn hard. We're half-way into it, so ramp it up people!

Next week: I'm guessing the head of PhiCorp is revealed to be Hitler's brain?


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