Sunday, 21 August 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day Seven

For a long time I wondered if this story was even supposed to be a part of this arc. And look, more scenes for the BBC to cut!

Big surprise, Captain Jack manages to find someone else who he can immediately tell is gay. And then the sex. And then murder... although does it count as murder for Jack? Well, "Dead is Dead"... oh wait, that was a one episode thing and never mentioned again. Like the masks. And Club 45. Continuity, who needs it?

Anyway, we have three guys holding each other by the wrist... say, that almost looks like a triangle. And Angelo is running the whole shebang. Can't say I'm surprised about that. Still a big reveal as to what exactly happened and I can so wait for that. No, hang on, I mean I can't wait.... no, come to think of it, I was right the first time.

And speaking of disappearing plot threads, Oswald gets a name check but that's it. I hope Bill got a contract that says he gets paid for ten episodes, 'cos right now that's easy money. The big name star we have at the moment is Nana Visitor. Although she got easy money this episode too.

But just what has this episode got to do with PhiCorp and, well, the rest of the series? Three episodes to go, and there'll be lots of infodumps... or not if they continue with their current practices...

Next time: Colonel Kira kicks ass!


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