Monday, 26 September 2011

DW: 6.12

So, how long before the toys are available? Not on Amazon yet. And again another instance, methinks, of Moffat script at the end.

So Gareth again turns in the comedy script with, do I detect, even more author insertion than before? Still... it is a funny script, so I'm not going to complain. And finally the Cybermat make their new series debut, along with more tatty Cybermen. (Are they doing this on purpose? Are they completely avoiding any kind of renewal for them due to the Dalek feedback?) Were the Cybermats designed by the marketing department? The Doctor already has a remote control ready, so even that's not going to be out of place in the packaging. All they need to finish it off would be a button to open and close the mouth with teeth nashing action! (Yeah, 'you have to be strong to fend it off', as if. Credibility fail.)

Then there's a baby thing. Oh, the wonderful laughs afforded by people thinking they are a couple with a baby. That's so fresh and innovative and never been done before... oh wait. Still, flash back to the Doctor speaking baby. And, let's face it, Matt Smith does a great turn in this episode. It may be more wacky, but he is more than willing to go there to help make the episode real.

If anything in this episode is to really draw criticism, I'm looking at the end sequence with River. Yes, need to set up the last episode, but it is really out of place in this episode. Why not make it a special item on its own? Or have it after the credits? Or something to keep it from breaking the flow of the episode.

Otherwise, a decent episode before the finale!

Next week: Oh the images flashing up on screen. Moffat, you better have a damn good pay off for all this!


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