Friday, 30 September 2011


It's a horror movie about a creature in the back woods of inbred country... but you know exactly what sort of movie it is when the movie shows you full frontal female nudity within a minute!

Oh, and the "creature" isn't actually shown in the same frame as the characters. Makes for easier editing. (And it's better than having to shoot an obvious puppet being manipulated by the person 'attacking' it.)

As is standard for these movies, the main group are a bunch of young men and women on their way to somewhere else, and they decide to stop here for the night. (And there's the scenes of character 'development' and more nudity and sex.) And then the creature takes them out, of course not quickly enough (although, to be fair, the creature does very little of the actual killing). And the inbred community has more relevance than usual, and actually makes the movie some what interesting with how that is played out. But as this is a monster movie, that plotline isn't kept around long enough.

Have to say that the creature outfit itself isn't terrible. It's mostly shot in darkness, which only helps it, but it looks like it had some budget behind it.

This is one of those movies that tries the "but who's the real creature?" lines, but didn't decide to sustain it, and just comes off as another entry in the "forgeddaboutit" horror genre...


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