Sunday, 4 September 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day Nine

Wow, even in episode nine... they are still padding things out!

Huh, looks like I should have gone for the obvious of Danes joining Torchwood, 'cos that's what the writers did. Of course they have to team up, why wouldn't they? Not like that couldn't have done some plot line that would actually not be expected! And, at the end, Danes will probably be the one to switch the Miracle off (as someone will have to sacrifice themselves). Either that or betray them. Or betray them and then sacrifice himself. Sigh.

And the father gets taken after a lot of screen time is spent on that plot line. Although, it seems that no-one has considered the important point that as soon as the Miracle is switched off, he's going to die anyway. Not as poignant when you realise the good guys are going to be the one to kill him. (Now not taking bets on them saving the day right before he gets burnt.)

Hey, evil women wear red. That's a lesson of this episode. With Jenny^H^H^HLisa being a redhead and wearing red, we also have CIA woman wearing red too. How much of an obvious signifier are they trying for here? Just as well no-one's noticed her acting over the top suspicious or anything. (I have a big problem with how bad guys in general are portrayed, which can be a blog post on its own.)

Anyway, we finally have everything set up for the last episode, and the Blessing revealed... a big wound or something... the hell? Oh, they better pay off this brilliantly, with a wonderful explanation and not some hand-waving crap spouted off by someone who doesn't actually care about the story when he can have two guys kissing... oh, shit...

Next week: we get an entire series in one episode as they finally have to say something about what's going on. Oh, and I'm guessing RTD will write the final episode?


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