Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Vigil the Huntering

Can't say the club Travesty was my scene, seemed more like a place for tragic youngsters to hang out. However, we were there to meet the woman that started all this, so we trooped in and found ourselves a table. And over there was the woman we wanted to talk to. That was easy.

We head over (we are a subtle bunch) and the doctor hands her the amulet. No asking questions or anything first, just bam, on the table. She takes it happily, and then seems content to doll out a few tidbits of information. Looking around, I see the lead guy from the train with a mook enter the place and start looking around. It's amazing how quickly our groups breaks up, and myself, I blend back into a set of nearby shadows.

The woman we came for saunters off and disappears into the toilets, before leader and mook start their circuit of the place. They pass us all by without seeing us, and seem confused by this. A few of us take the opportunity to sneak out, but I wait until they leave before I do so as well. Although a little too quickly and encounter them in the lobby. However, I manage to sidle pass without comment from them as they are busy explaining why they were not planning on perv the women's toilets.

[Then it seems that JB, the punk with the tagging fetish, gets it into his head to infiltrate the top the club and set off a molotov cocktail. It gives the others a distraction whereby they can leave, and doesn't seem to have made the papers.]

We head back to the doctor's place, and the woman is waiting for us in darkness. We give her a preplanned fake amulet, but she isn't amused. She leaves, and the light comes on... at least, the light comes on and there's no sign of her, so we can only presume she's some kind of ninja.

After researching some of more about the items and finding out not a lot, we head out to a motel 6 to get some sleep where people don't know where we are. The next day, I'm not sure what the others are up to, but I got to open my store, even on a Sunday. It's not like anything bad will happen there.


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