Sunday, 16 October 2011

Page Eight

A British movie. A good start. Intelligence services, ooh, exciting. We all know Spooks. And the head liner is Bill Nighy. Fantastic! The whole is Page Eight.

A report comes to light that reveals important secrets, if you can make it to page eight of the report. And because of that... frankly, no idea. I had a hard time paying attention. Bill Nighy! Micheal Gambon! Rachel Weisz! Ralph Fiennes! Alice Krige! This should be a great movie! And yet, it takes over an hour for the movie to really ramp up to anything approaching actual dramatic drama. And this movie is only just over an hour and a half! The bulk of the movie is, well... domestic. We find out that Johnny Walker (that's what the character's name sounds like, but it isn't) was married a few times, has a daughter who barely talks to him, and is suspicious of his neighbour...

Boring! Actually boring movie! This is supposed to be sexy, exciting British spy thriller! Instead it is boring, dull, dreary British soap opera, with less excitement.

The director/writer has said that if this is successful, this will be the first of a trilogy of Johnny Walker movies. With the current rating on IMDB, I'm doubting that will come to pass. Not at all sorry about that.


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