Saturday, 26 November 2011

I was there, where were you?

So, yesterday happened. As it does. And one thing that happened yesterday was the quarterly Wellington Pub Meet of the Doctor Who fans. Which reached an exciting peak of five people, of myself, Alden, Peter, Foo and Tim. Woo!

Topics ranged from various tv series to... other tv series, and then, as these things happened, strayed onto Doctor Who. One thing that came up was that Big Finish is doing an audio to celebrate 20 years since Love and War.


20 years????

Freaking hell! We were trying to remember the books of the NAs that came between the start of the NA series and Love and War. The Timewyrm books (7), Cat's Cradle (3), Nightshade... and then named books after. Huh... looks like we didn't miss any. I was sure there were others in there, but no, Love and War was number 9. There were 61 of the things (plus MAs), can't be expected to remember them all.

But 20 years...

There are things you hear about, and all of a sudden they are 'hey that was a long time ago'. Thinking about it now, it doesn't make me feel old so much as it makes me thing I was very young when the books started. And I have them all!

Anyway, come along next time and hear about other pointless trivia that we bring up!



Morgan said...

Was at home with the baby! But I would have rocked that discussion on account of currently being rereading the NAs. Verrrry slowly. Am up to Highest Science...

Jet Simian said...

Had a great time last night, thanks guys! Missed Morgue...

The 20 Years of NAs thing is quite bizarre, as is the realisation that some teenage fans of the new series weren't even ALIVE when McGann's TV Movie was aired.

And you know I'll carp on about the Wilderness years all evening if I ever get the chance, so apologies for that diatribe right there.

Audio soundss cool. And as I said last night, if you haven't heard Tom B's trailer for his lost stories set over on the Big Finish site you really should!