Monday, 23 January 2012

I went to the zoo, zoo, zoo

I became a member of the Zoo, in an effort to get out more, and spent some time there yesterday (before it started raining...).

With (photo) camera and (video) camera in hand, I wandered around, camera'ing things. With the weather not that great, some animals didn't bother to put in an appearance (I guess the Malayan Sun Bears weren't Malayan Cloudy Bears! Eh? Eh? ...never mind), and there were a few areas with "Future Zoo" on it. So I guess I will definitely be going back just to get more Zoo experience.

Anyway, behold the videos and photos of animals not paying attention to me!

On the video front, we have Baboons, Birds 1, Birds 2, Cheetahs, Chimps, Emu, Giraffes, Lions, Meerkats, Monkey 1, Monkey 2, Monkey 3, Monkey 4, Otters, Pelican, Red Panda, The Roost (a bird area), and a Tuatara. (Some videos may contain other animals.) And special treat, part of a Larikeet Endoscopy!

And here is the photo set. Well... actually, I lie. Turns out the memory card got corrupted or something, so I got no pictures at all. :( (And Photobucket is already pleading for love.) [Note to self: get a new memory card or two...]

And since we need to engage with the cute, here are those Meerkats!


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